What Is FUT Hair Transplant?

What Is FUT Hair Transplant?

Source: AEK Hair Clinic

Hair loss is a common condition that affects many people in varying degrees. Hair loss can be due to genetics, age, and medical conditions such as alopecia. More and more men are experiencing hair loss due to genetics, known as male pattern baldness.

Hair transplant surgeries, such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT), are minimally invasive and used to cover bald spots. FUT Hair Transplant is a process in which hair follicles are transplanted from the back of the head to bald areas on the front of the head.

This article will provide you with a lot of information you need to know about follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

FUT Hair Transplant: What is it?

At least since 1939, hair transplants have been performed in Japan. As early as the 1970s, the results usually appeared unnatural and like plugs. Since 1995, hair transplants have only given natural-looking results when surgeons transplant individual hair follicles (also known as follicular units).

A surgeon performs FUT surgery by cutting off a strip of skin at the back or side of the head and removing individual hair follicles. In the balding areas of your scalp, these follicles are inserted into the scalp. When male pattern baldness causes a receding hairline, the surgery is most effective at covering it.

The FUT Hair Transplant process has been around for decades. Still, it has recently gained traction with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato opting for this procedure to restore their hairline or maintain their new hairstyle.

Transplantation of Follicular Units

The procedure involves cutting a strip of skin from your scalp, usually from the back of your head. A strip’s size is determined by how many follicles are needed to cover bald spots. Typically, the strip is only about 1 to 1.5 centimetres wide (0.4 to 0.6 inches). After removing the follicles from the strip will be inserted back into your scalp.

The procedure can last anywhere from four to eight hours. A FUT procedure is generally quicker than an FUE procedure. Local anaesthesia numbs the scalp during the surgery, so most patients remain awake.

Let’s look at how your procedure might proceed:

  1. Your surgeon will take photographs of your medical history, redraw your hairline and mark the extraction site. Sedatives may be prescribed before surgery. Your scalp will be numbed with local anaesthesia.
  2. A two-millimetre length of hair will be trimmed from the donor site, where you will be removing your hair.
  3. The surgeon will remove a strip of skin containing the hair follicles as a graft. The procedure takes place under general anaesthesia.
  4. Individual hair follicles will be removed from the strip and prepared for transplantation by a technician.
  5. The surgeon will stitch up your scalp.
  6. Afterwards, the hair follicles are inserted into the balding areas of your scalp in a natural-looking pattern.
  7. Your scalp will be bandaged, and an antibiotic will be applied.

Within 6 to 9 months, you will see the surgery results. However, it may take a year to see results for some individuals.

Why do people need FUTs?

Male pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia) makes the best candidate for FUT. Hair loss at the temples and the Norwood pattern are common symptoms of this condition in men. Ludwig pattern hair loss usually occurs along the hair part or hair thinning on the top of the head in women with this condition.

FUT will not be an option if you have a thyroid disorder or alopecia areata causing your hair loss.

What are the Benefits of a FUT Hair Transplant?

Fut hair transplants are becoming popular for people who want to change their hair colour or style. They are also used by people who have lost their hair due to illness or trauma.

The benefits of a FUT hair transplant include:

  1. A new look that can be achieved in the comfort of your own home
  2. Significantly less downtime than going through surgery
  3. No risk of infection, scarring, or permanent damage


The UT procedure involves pulling hair follicles from the back or side of the scalp and using them to fill in bald patches. When adequately performed by a trained surgeon, the surgery is generally considered safe and can create a natural-looking result. If you wear your hair short, FUE surgery may be a better choice for you because the surgery leaves a scar at the extraction site.

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