When Can I Wear A Hat After A Hair Transplant

When Can I Wear A Hat After A Hair Transplant

The days following a hair transplant surgery are always a concern for anyone who has had the procedure. Since the scars are still visible, everyone wishes to conceal the scars with a hat.

After the hair transplant, many of our patients ask us whether wearing a cap after the procedure will adversely affect their natural hair growth.

You need to know if you’ve been wondering about the same thing.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Fishing Hat After A Hair Transplant?

Immediately after a hair transplant, you must wear a hat to protect your implant grafts. Aside from sun, wind, rain, dust, dirt, and other pollutants, you must protect them. A cap will also prevent infection and protect the wounds.

Because it’s loose and doesn’t put pressure on the grafts, a fishing hat offers the best protection. Additionally, it does not irritate the scalp, so it can improve the recovery process both for the donor and recipient areas.

After a hair transplant, can you wear different hats/caps?

A hair surgeon will advise you against wearing any head covering for the first five days following a hair transplant if you ask them about wearing different caps or hats.

Generally, you will be recommended to wait at least ten days before wearing a hat or cap.

Your transplanted grafts take up to 7-10 days to root in your balding areas. The follicular units should stay in place without interference to ensure optimal, permanent results.

It is best to wear a loose-fitting hat that will not come in contact with your transplanted grafts if you need to wear a cap after a hair transplant before the tenth day.

Is there the best type of headgear?

If you don’t have a fishing hat, you can wear a bandana to cover your face.

Fabrics should not stick to the sensitive grafts or potentially harm them; they should be soft, loose, and comprehensive. Cotton, for example, can cling to transplanted hair follicles and harm the healing process.

Would you consider wearing a motorcycle helmet? Don’t try it for at least six weeks after the procedure.


Hats and caps are not recommended. Always wear them carefully. It’s essential to have a wide headgear when putting on or taking off. Make sure not to wear a headgear long-term. When you go outside, it’s for a short time.


Minoxidil: Can I use it on transplanted hair?

Several doctors recommend that patients take Minoxidil (3% and 5%) after surgery. They do this to speed up the growth of the hair grafts.

After a hair transplant, can I eat non-vegetarian food?

You can eat your usual food in the evening following your surgery, such as Rice, Dal, Chapatti, Rasam, or any other non-spicy meal. It is not recommended to smoke or consume alcohol. Taking medicines as directed: Take capsules with a glass of milk or food after eating. Do not take on an empty stomach.

Will hair transplants thin?

Transplanted hair can thin over time, like normal hair. The transplant results require a surgical “touch-up” to appear more natural. A surgical “touch-up will follow your initial cuts”. For some individuals, multiple treatments may be required.

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